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Company Profile
Electri-Temp. Corp. is a company that has committed itself to becoming the premier supplier of measurement equipment and calibration standards for customers in a variety of market sectors including the military, aerospace, research and development labs, educational facilities, colleges and universities, calibration labs and nearly every industry requiring accurate measurement and calibration.

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Data Acquistion
Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, Recording and Analysis products. Instrumentation, measurement, recording and finally analyzing the results for customers on projects from large structures such as bridges and power pylons through to aircraft structures and jet engines in addition to many different automotive tests.

Decade Boxes
We offer a versatile selection of durable decade boxes measuring in a wide variety of decades with very high levels of accuracy. Our decade boxes are suitable for a variety of applications including use in the field, laboratory, and as automated test equipment. Our line of decade boxes is geared to suit the differing needs of our customers and includes models that are engineered for low cost and high precision as well as decade boxes that are manufactured specifically for applications requiring extremely high accuracy in settings such as electrical laboratories.

Digital Thermometers
Our precision digital thermometers are perfect for use in a variety of settings such as in quality assurance departments in the process industries and for calibrating temperature probes in ISO-9000 applications. In addition to being accurate the digital thermometers we provide are also flexible. For example, customers will have no problem finding a digital thermometer to suit applications requiring high accuracy temperature measurement as well as value storage for data processing.

Dry Blocks / Furnaces
Our dry block systems utilize the most advanced thermal reference available today and are built to satisfy the applications of the most demanding primary and secondary laboratory applications. Dry block systems are ideal for the calibration of thermocouples, wireless temperature probes, RTDs and SPRTs ranging from 30C to 1200C. Not only are Insco dry blocks dependable but they are also perhaps the most efficient dry block available today.

Electrical Safety - Alphatek
Alphatek's installation safety testers have been for a long time considered as a benchmark on the market and we are proud to continue with the development and supply of technically advanced and highly reliable instruments.

Electrical Safety - Clare
Clare Instruments produces electrical safety test equipment for the conformance, manufacturing, service and equipment rental industry. Used extensively throughout the world Clare test equipment typically perform: Hipot / Flash Testing, Dielectric Withstand, Earth / Ground Bond Testing and Leakage Testing.

Hipot / Dielectric Strength
This high voltage test (also called dielectric strength test, hipot test, hi-pot test, breakdown test or flash test) is made to stress the device under test to an AC or DC high voltage and check that there is no breakdown nor perforation happening. It also checks that insulation distances and distances in the air are respected.

At Electri-Temp. Corporation our focus is on marketing the products of equipment and standards manufacturers in order to offer customers superior instruments manufactured with the quality and expertise of a smaller organization. Our clients are from a variety of market sectors such as the military, the aerospace industry, research and development laboratories, educational facilities, calibration labs, and a wide range of other industries involved in the demanding measurement of electrical and temperature parameters.



Insulation Testers
A DIELECTRIMETER IS A COMBINATION OF 2 INSTRUMENTS DEDICATED FOR 2 FUNCTIONS - a megohmmeter, made to measure insulation resistance, high resistances - a hipot tester to make a high voltage test (also called dielectric strength test, hipot test, hi-pot test, breakdown test or flash test)

Liquid Baths
Liquid baths are a temperature measurement and calibration tool used for immersing products and immediately exposing them to a very specific temperature. Liquid baths are often used for the calibration of temperature measuring devices such as thermometers, sensors, thermocouples and various other products. At Electri-Temp we are well aware of the importance of accuracy, especially when it comes to the calibration of temperature measurement devices.

Micro Movements

Power Quality
Gossen-Metrawatt is a worldwide market leader and is well known all over the world for successful implementation of customer-specific solutions.

Press Room

Resistance Standards
Regardless of the application or industry, accurate resistance measurement is essential. Resistance measurement not only ensures the quality in a product but it ensures its safety and compliance. At Electri-Temp. we are well aware of how important accurate resistance measurement is to manufacturers and make every effort to deliver quality, expertise, and the reassurance of dependable resistance measurement.


T/C Calibrators / Simulators
Thermocouple tables give the voltage versus temperature variation with the cold junction at 0C. This unit senses the temperature difference between ambient and 0C and generates an electrical voltage to cancel out the resultant error, thus providing the equivalent of a 0C reference bath.


Tripod Data Systems

Temperature Standards
At Electri-Temp our goal is to ensure that our customers are supplied with the most reliable, accurate and cost efficient tools available. We realize the importance of precise temperature measurement and are focused on providing customers with accurate instruments and superior service. Although temperature measurement goes as far back as the 18th century, we are partners with manufacturers who constantly labor to develop more accurate, more dependable and more convenient methods of temperature measurement.

Weights and Balances
INSCO manufactures high quality precision weights offering a range from 1 mg to 50 kg and can manufacture any shape and any tolerance you may require in all classes.

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