Measurement of Electrical, Temperature Parameters
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Milliohmmeters are devices generally used when measuring low resistance or the conductive characteristics of instruments such as switches, relay connectors, circuit boards, wire and more. Electri-Temp’s goal is to provide our customers with milliohmmeters that not only get the job done but do so with consistent accuracy and dependability.


Microhmmeters are ideal for testing elements such as safety compliance and fuse resistance-aspects of a variety of industries which require the attention of precise measuring equipment and can never be overlooked

Digital Ohmmeters and Resistance Measurement

DO6 Ohmmeter

DO6 Ohmmeter
DO4002 Microhmmeter

DO4000 Series Microhmmeters
DO7e Microhmmeter

DO7e Microhmmeter
DO7 Microhmmeter

DO7 Microhmmeter
DO7010 Portable Microhmmeter

DO7010 Portable Microhmmeter
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DO5000 Digital Microhmmeter

DO5000 Series Microhmmeters
DO8000 Transformer Winding Microhmmeter

DO8000 Transformer
Winding Microhmmeter

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