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Micro Movements

Data Acquisition

Micro Movements has a worldwide reputation for its expertise in Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning, Recording and Analysis products and their application. We have instrumented, measured, recorded and finally analyzed the results for our customers on projects from large structures such as bridges and power pylons through to airframes and jet engines in addition to many different automotive tests.


The twelve channel system shown here measures just 120mm High x 110mm Wide x 65mm Deep and has 6Gb of memory, on board processing, computer interface, data processing and the battery pack. Although the MML5425 Data Recorder is impressively compact, it is built to withstand shock levels up to 500g, making it ideal for use where high impacts may be encountered. It offers 16 bit multi-channel recording of up to 256 channels, accepting inputs from various sensors measuring load, pressure, shock, strain, etc.

Being of a modular construction the unit can be configured to suit your needs. We are also introducing our own accelerometers all of which have a unique identity that the MML5425 automatically recognizes and, thus once calibrated, they can be plugged in to any channel on the recorder without the need of user intervention.


We think that the versatility of our new compact BT2010 makes all other plotters, chart recorders and data acquisition systems obsolete. Measuring just 55mm x 190mm 265mm including the in-built touch-screen display it offers between 8 and 64 analogue inputs and the option of 8 or more digital I/O channels. Further options such as CAN bus and networked I/O are available. With our reputation for signal conditioning, this too is an option. For example, 24 channels of strain gauge amplification is a plug-on device that makes the height of the combined unit just 110mm. Running under Windows 7 or XP an utilizing our well proven Snap-Master software the BT2010 offers the latest operating security features with reliable data acquisition for fixed or mobile applications.


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