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Temperature Standards

Contact Electri-Temp. CorporationAt Electri-Temp our goal is to ensure that our customers are supplied with the most reliable, accurate and cost efficient tools available. We realize the importance of precise temperature measurement and are focused on providing customers with accurate instruments and superior service. Although temperature measurement goes as far back as the 18th century, we are partners with manufacturers who constantly labor to develop more accurate, more dependable and more convenient methods of temperature measurement. They are interested in consistently providing the absolute best that science and technology can offer. Due to this partnership we are proud to offer customers high quality temperature measuring instruments at competitive prices to rival leading measurement equipment provider.

In addition, our manufacturing partners are well aware of the importance of accuracy when it comes to temperature measurement; they understand that testing accuracy can make a monumental difference in a variety of industries. Not only is our temperature measurement equipment manufactured with quality materials by experienced engineers but it is rigorously tested at a variety of temperatures to ensure the highest level of accuracy. We also realize that cost is always a factor, at Electri-Temp our temperature measurement devices are accurate and dependable while remaining cost efficient. We are the premiere source for quality temperature measurement devices that will save you time and money while remaining accurate and dependable. Electri-Temp is the dependable temperature measurement source that you will never have to second guess.

Our line of temperature measurement equipment includes:
  • Bi-Metallic Thermometers
  • Dial Thermometers
  • Digital Thermocouple and PRT thermometers
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Intelligent RTDs
  • Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers
  • Platinum Resistance Thermometers
  • Psychrometers
  • Resistance thermometer / S2 simulator
  • RTD With Charts
  • Temperature Baths
  • Temperature Calibrators
  • Temperature Indicators
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermocouple calibrator / simulator

Temperature Standards:

  • Fixed Point Cells
  • Standard Resistors
  • Metrology Furnaces
  • SPRTs and Thermocouples
  • Thermometry Bridges

Primary Laboratory Large Quartz Fixed Point Cells

ITS-90 Fixed Points-Metalclad
ITS-90 Fixed Points-Quartz Clad
Sealed and Open Fixed Point Cells
from Hg to Cu, including
Jarrett TPW cells
Cropico RS3 Laboratory D.C. Resistance Standards

Standard Resistors
Standard Resistors and
Temperature controlled resistors
Model 414 - Annealling Furnace

Metrology Furnaces
3 Zone and Heat Pipe Furnaces
for Fixed Point and
Comparison Calibrations
Model 670 - S.P.R.T

SPRT's and Primary Thermocouples
Quartz and Metal Sheathed
SPRTs and Platinum TCs
F900 Precision Digital Thermometry Bridge

Thermometry Bridges
AC and DC Primary Resistance Bridges
from ±5 microK to ±1mK
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Cropico RS3 Laboratory D.C. Resistance Standards

16 Standard Values Available

• Available in a Wide Range of 0.0001W to 1 MW
• Excellent Load Coefficient
• Special Values Made to Order
• 4 Terminal Construction
• Can be used in Air or Oil Bath
• Each Standard Supplied Complete with Calibration Certificate

Detailed Description
The most desirable feature in which any resistance standard should excel is permanence of calibration. This has been achieved by the experience gained over many decades in the manufacture of precision resistors; the careful selection of resistance material, a rugged strain-free construction and a carefully controlled heat treatment and ageing process. To obtain the optimum performance from these standards, we recommend regular annual certification. A resistance standard which has been carefully used within the limits of the manufacturer's specification increases in usefulness with time, as its complete history is recorded, enabling the user to determine its value at any time.

The RS3 range of resistance standards are constructed using carefully selected low temperature coefficient Manganin or Zeranin wire, depending on value, mounted on formers which have a high mechanical stability. The wires are wound in a strain-free manner and heat treated to remove any stresses. They also are artificially aged under the strictest control. The result is a standard of high-quality with long-term stability and permanence of calibration combined with a low temperature coefficient.

We offer the widest range of standard values available today. In addition we are able to manufacture for specialist applications (e.g Pt100 simulation) special values to customer requirements. The RS3 range also offers a high-current carrying capability which makes them ideal for applications where precise current needs to be measured.

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Model 414 - Annealling Furnace

30C to 1000C (1832F)

Ideal for Annealing and Conditioning SPRTs
Remove Strain and Hardening from your Platinum Coils

• Maintenance Free Use
• Available with programmable controller with communications
• Temperature Range: Ambient to 1000C
• Control: 0.1C Resolution
• Communications included as standard
• Supply: 110VAC, 3kw, 50/60Hz CTE (230VAC and 110VAC to 110VAC Isolating Transformers are available)

Detailed Description
The Annealing Furnace, model 414, is designed to heat, anneal and cool SPRT's (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers) prior to calibration. The temperature range of the Furnace - from ambient to 1000C enables all types of SPRT's to be annealed.

One of the duties of a calibration laboratory manager is to ensure that the SPRT's used in the Laboratory are fully annealed and still within specification.

Just using the thermometers within the laboratory will cause work-hardening to take place within the platinum coil of the SPRT.

Therefore regular annealing is required to ensure the SPRT's are in an ideal condition.

In 1990 the new temperature scale ITS-90 specified the use of SPRT's up to the Silver point (961.78C). At these temperatures quartz is very porous and in reducing atmospheres the SPRT's can quickly become contaminated.

The Isotech Annealing Furnace offers a safe solution for those who wish to anneal SPRT's up to 1000C.

To prevent contamination at high temperatures a constant flux of pre-heated air passes the SPRT's being annealed.

A comprehensive handbook accompanies the Furnace.

This Furnace is installed simply and requires no maintenance.

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Model 670 - S.P.R.T

-200C to 670C (1238F)

Our Best Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer

• Resistance Value (C): 25.5WRo
• Resistance Ratio: WGA>1.11807 as required by ITS-90
• Sensitivity: 0.1W/C
• Long term drift from 0.001C/year
• Calibration (UKAS): Water T.P., Tin F.P., Zinc F.P., Aluminum F.P. with print-out of temperature at W-intervals of 0.01

Detailed Description
This is the first new thermometer, after the introduction of ITS-90, to be specifically designed to give optimum performance up to the aluminum point. Its construction permits the four internal platinum lead wires to expand and contract in the same manner as those of silver-point thermometers. The all-quartz construction of the support-members gives the most stable performance with minimal drift, and a unique platinum radiation shield prevents heat radiating up the inside of the sheath. The temperature range and design of this new unit means that we offer 25.5W(Ro). The construction, including the coiled sensing element, heat-shunt baffles and light scattering barriers, creates a thermometer of unsurpassed stability. Because the 670 goes beyond the temperature range of oxide growth to the level at which the oxide dissociates, the 670 is filled conventionally with argon containing 10% oxygen.

A 2-metre length of low thermal emf, high temperature, screened cable is connected in the handle, via a strain-relieving transition, to the all pure-platinum construction of the thermometer. Gold-plated U-shaped terminals complete the cable construction, and the 670 is delivered in an elegant soft lined carry-case of our own design.

A 670 is delivered only after a stabilizing process which is complete when the reproducibility of RTPW is within 0.0005C after excursions to the extremes of its temperature range. Values of RTPW and WGA are routinely provided with the 670.

The 670 can be supplied with RTPW and WGA only or with full UKAS calibration. "With calibration" means that you will get an internationally accepted Fixed Point calibration.

For best accuracy, recommended maximum measuring currents for the 670 is 1mA although up to 10 times this current should not permanently damage the standard.

A comprehensive handbook and tutorial will help you get the very best performance and stability from your 670.

The thermometer has a standard length of 650mm.

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