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Resistance Standards

Contact Electri-Temp. CorporationRegardless of the application or industry, accurate resistance measurement is essential. Resistance measurement not only ensures the quality in a product but it ensures its safety and compliance. At Electri-Temp. we are well aware of how important accurate resistance measurement is to manufacturers and make every effort to deliver quality, expertise, and the reassurance of dependable resistance measurement. We realize our clients require accurate resistant measurement devices to suit applications both in the field and in the workshop and make every effort to offer the products to suit every situation.

Not only are we interested in providing quality resistance measurement devices but we are dedicated to looking for more efficient ways to continually meet the needs of our clients by offering superior sales and service of precision resistance measurement devices. By aggressively marketing products and ensuring that we have something for every resistance measuring application, customers can be positive that they can depend on Electri-Temp for repairs in addition to the purchase of new resistance measuring equipment.

We offer resistance measuring meters built with industry-leading quality from some of the most advanced, dedicated and experienced calibration and resistance measurement laboratories in the world. The manufacturing partners we represent offer not only quality but the price and value to rival other leading resistance measurement equipment providers.

Our manufacturing partners offer products including:
  • Decade boxes
  • Dielectrimeters
  • Digital Microhmmeters
  • Digital multimeters
  • Digital Ohmmeters
  • Hipot testers
  • Micro ohmmeters
  • Milliohmmeters
  • Portable Digital Ohmmeters
Capabilities and features of our resistance measuring equipment include but are never limited to:
  • Auto averaging
  • Auto ranging
  • Available forward and reverse current measurement
  • Contact Electri-Temp. Corporation
  • Digital meters for increased accuracy
  • Industry leading quality
  • Low resistance to high resistance measuring devices
  • Micro ohmmeters, Milliohmmeters, and Ohm meters to suit a variety of applications
  • Ohmmeters with multiple ranges
  • Open circuit lead warning
  • Power saving options to ensure battery life
  • Products tested under harsh conditions to ensure reliability
  • Rechargeable battery options
  • Rugged Construction
  • True 4-wire measurement to maximize accuracy by eliminating lead resistance
  • True current zero
  • Variety of add-ons and accessories

Resistance Standards:

Milliohmmeter Test standards

Milliohmmeter Test Standards
RS3 Laboratory d.c. Resistance standards

RS3 DC Standard Series
CR Calibration Resistors

CR Calibration Series

Milliohmmeter test standards

Milliohmmeter 4 Terminal Test Standards MTS

Two models designed for the simple, easy and precise calibration of all digital low resistance ohmmeters and traditional Kelvin/Thompson bridges.

The Milliohmmeter Test Standards are designed for the simple and easy calibration of low resistance ohmmeters and Kelvin / Thomson bridges. The true four terminal resistance values are switch selected and provision is made for + and - full scale values. A four terminal zero value may also be selected, thus making zero and full scale calibration of instruments simplicity itself. Two models are available, the MTS1A which has 11 values from 1 mohm to 100 Kohm and the MTS2 which has 10 values from 400 micro-ohm to 400 Kohm, making it ideally suited for the calibration of digital instruments with a long scale length of 4000 or 6000 count.

The Test Standards are housed in a rugged bench portable aluminium case with tilt handle. The internal standards are manufactured from premium quality resistance wire with low temperature and load coefficient. For the selection of the standards, a special switch of our own construction is used ensuring a long and trouble free operating life. The units are supplied complete with a calibration certificate.

Key Features
• True 4 Terminal Standards
• Switch Selectable Values
• Polarity Reversal Switch
• Four Terminal Zero
• High Current Capability
• Two Models Available: MTS1A: 1mOhm to 100kOhm and MTS2: 400 uOhm to 400 KOhm
• Temperature Supplied Complete with Calibration Certificate <=2 ppm/K

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RS3 Laboratory d.c. Resistance Standards

RS3 Laboratory d.c. Resistance Standards
(16 Standard Values)

The most desirable feature in which any resistance standard should excel is permanence of calibration. This has been achieved by the experience gained over many decades in the manufacture of precision resistors; the careful selection of resistance material, a rugged strain-free construction and a carefully controlled heat treatment and ageing process. To obtain the optimum performance from these standards, we recommend regular annual certification. A resistance standard which has been carefully used within the limits of the manufacturer's specification increases in usefulness with time, as its complete history is recorded, enabling the user to determine its value at any time.

The RS3 range of resistance standards are constructed using carefully selected low temperature coefficient Manganin or Zeranin wire, depending on value, mounted on formers which have a high mechanical stability. The wires are wound in a strain-free manner and heat treated to remove any stresses. They also are artificially aged under the strictest control. The result is a standard of high-quality with long-term stability and permanence of calibration combined with a low temperature coefficient.

We offer the widest range of standard values available today. In addition we are able to manufacture for specialist applications (e.g Pt100 simulation) special values to customer requirements. The RS3 range also offers a high-current carrying capability which makes them ideal for applications where precise current needs to be measured.

Key Features
• Wide Range 0.0001Ω to 1 MΩ
• Excellent Load Coefficient
• Special Values Made to Order
• 4 Terminal Construction
• Can be used in Air or Oil Bath
• Each Standard Supplied Complete with Calibration Certificate

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CR Calibration Resistors

This range of low cost 4 terminal calibration resistors combine high accuracy, class 0.02, long-term stability and permanence of calibration in a compact unit.

Constructed using carefully selected low temperature coefficient Manganin or Zeranin wire, depending upon value, and mounted to ensure mechanical stability, these resistors will provide a cost effective addition to any laboratory or workshop.

Typical applications include:
calibration reference, accurate current measurement, instrument calibration and accurate shunt resistor.

Main areas of application:
• for tests of measuring bridges or electrical temperature measuring equipment
• for laboratory setup of a Wheatstone bridge
• for a defined current characteristic at a defined voltage
• as shunt resistor for current measurement
• as part of standard equipment in research laboratories

Key Features
• Low Capacitance and Low Inductance Design
• High Accuracy 0.02%
• Suitable for Direct Current and Technical Frequencies
• Oil-filled Design Ensures Great Long Term Stability < 0.01% over many years

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