Measurement of Electrical, Temperature Parameters
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At Electri-Temp. Corporation our focus is on marketing the products of equipment and standards manufacturers in order to offer customers superior instruments manufactured with the quality and expertise of a smaller organization. Our clients are from a variety of market sectors such as the military, the aerospace industry, research and development laboratories, educational facilities, calibration labs, and a wide range of other industries involved in the demanding measurement of electrical and temperature parameters.
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Our refined experience with an extremely varied client base has allowed us to develop working relationships with our clients that are not only productive but are understanding of the unique requirements of each client’s applications. In addition, our diversified client base provides a wide variety of opportunities to expand our knowledge and refine every aspect of our business.

Ohmmeters Provided by Electri-Temp

Our focus is to make every effort to ensure that our customers are offered the best product — not simply the one manufactured by the largest company. Electri-Temp. Corporation is interested in marketing the superior products of smaller organizations and making their quality available to customers throughout the country. Our products are offered to our customers with the expectation that they will be used and depended on to provide consistent performance. For instance, ohmmeters provided by Electri-Temp can be counted on to continually provide the user with accurate readings in a variety of demanding settings. Our products are manufactured by some of the brightest minds in their respective industries and their drive to succeed in delivering value and accuracy is evident in the quality of the product.

Products available to our customers include:
  • Data Aquisition Equipment
  • Decade Boxes
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Dry Blocks
  • Handheld meters
  • Liquid Baths
  • Megohmmeters
  • Microhmmeters
  • Milliohmmeters
  • Power supplies
  • Resistance and temperature standards
  • Weights and balances
Whenever a product offered by Electri-Temp needs service, we handle it all in our facility whenever possible. If there is a need to service a product outside of our office we take care of every detail and handle any issue on behalf of our manufacturing partners. In addition, we also offer temporary rentals and long-term leases for most of our high-end instruments in order to maximize your efficiency by minimizing your downtime while waiting for calibration or repair. When dealing with Electri-Temp you don’t have to worry about service, we’ll take care of you.

Contact Electri-Temp. CorporationWe are also proud to offer customers our service regardless of where the product was purchased. As long as the product was manufactured by one of our partners we are happy to offer you the same service we provide all of our customers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on any of our products or services.

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