Measurement of Electrical, Temperature Parameters
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Electrical Safety Testers, Clare

Clare Instruments

Manufacturers of Electrical Safety and Conformance Test Equipment and Solutions

At Clare Instruments, we produce electrical safety test equipment for the conformance, manufacturing, service and equipment rental industry. Used extensively throughout the world Clare test equipment typically perform:

* Hipot / Flash Testing *Dielectric Withstand * Earth / Ground Bond Testing *Leakage Testing

Electric Safety and Conformance Testers

Elite 9024 Electrical Safety, Conformance Tester
Elite Series
SafeTest Manufacturing tester
Safe Test
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Flash / Hipot testers

HAL Flash, Hipot tester

HAL Scan
Flash/Hipot tester

Elite 9022 Electrical Safety, Conformance Tester

Elite 9022
Safety and Conformance Tester

Sentinel Low Cost Hipot, Flash Tester

Sentinel Low Cost
Hipot/Flash Tester

A203K Hipot, Flash, Dielectric Withst& Tester

A203K Hipot/Flash/Dielectric
Withstand Tester


Portable Electrical Safety Testers

PrimeTest 200 Portable Safety Tester, DMM

PrimeTest 300
PAT Tester
Europa Plus with 25A Ground Bond Test

Europa Plus with 25A
Ground Bound Test
safecheck 8

Safecheck 8
PrimeTest 50 H&-Held Safety analyzer

PrimeTest 50 Hand-Held
Safety Analyzer
VT800 Voltage Tester

VT800 Voltage Tester
clare sentinel

DM800R Digital Multimeter

ET800 Electrical Tester AC measurement

ET800 Electrical Tester
B433R Earth Bond Tester

B433R Earth Bond Tester

DM800R Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

The DM800 series multimeters are a slim shape design with a hand operated rotary switch, buttons and easy to replace batteries via a battery door. Both the DM800 and DM800R are supplied with a protective holster that includes a built-in-tilt stand, a hook hole, and convenient test lead storage.

Key Features

• 6000 count digital display
• Large scale backlit display
• 0.5% basic DCV accuracy
• True RMS reading on AC mode (DM800R only)
• AC Volts up to 750V
• DC Volts up to 1000V
• DC current 6mA (10A DM800R)
• AC current 10A (DM800R only)
• Resistance 600 ohms — 60 MW
• Diode check
• Frequency 6KHz — 60MHz
• Capacitance Measurement 6nF — 6mF
• Data Hold
• Min/Max Function
• Auto Power Off
• CAT. IV 600v / CAT. III 1000V Safety standard

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ET800 Electrical Tester AC measurement

Electrical Tester

A slim shape design with an easy hand operated switch and button. The ET800 provides an inventive open jaw technology for measuring AC current without opening the clamp jaw. The unit automatically measures ACV, DCV, OHM and ACA by just turning on the meter. The ET800 also has an in-built test lead storage with probe holders for two pole voltage testing applications.

Key Features

• 2000 count digital display
• AC current up to 200A
• AC voltage up to 600V
• DC voltage up to 600V
• 2000 ohms resistance range
• Continuity beeper 25 Ohms
• Display hold
• Auto power off
• CAT. III 600V safety standard

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