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Digital Thermometers, Thermometry Bridges

Digital Thermometers

Contact Electri-Temp. CorporationIn marketing a wide variety of products manufactured by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies we have had the opportunity to witness the consistent quality that results when companies combine decades of experience in their field with a commitment to manufacturing the best product they can.

When we sell digital thermometers manufactured by some of these companies our experience has been no different. We are happy to be the one stop solution for customers who are looking for dependable and accurate digital thermometers for a wide range of applications and industries.

Our line of digital thermometers includes models ideal for high accuracy temperature measurement, calibration and testing. Our precision digital thermometers are offered with a wide range of standard features, a variety of flexible options, and as always—accuracy, dependability, quality and value.

Our precision digital thermometers are perfect for use in a variety of settings such as in quality assurance departments in the process industries and for calibrating temperature probes in ISO-9000 applications. In addition to being accurate the digital thermometers we provide are also flexible. For example, customers will have no problem finding a digital thermometer to suit applications requiring high accuracy temperature measurement as well as value storage for data processing.

Features of our high accuracy digital thermometers include:
  • Analog output via BNC socket
  • Digital thermometers feature two-channel input with A, B or A-B measurement on an LCD display
  • Easy storage of probe characteristics for optimum accuracy
  • Front panel keys for easy access to commonly used functions
  • High Accuracy 0.01 °C
  • High Resolution 0.001 °C
  • Optional rechargeable battery with built in charger
  • Pull down menus to easily access additional functions such as the selection of thermocouples
  • Scanner cards can be interchanged to offer 10 channels for Pt100, 10 channels for thermocouples, or 4 channels for thermocouples plus 4 channels for pt100 plus 2 front panel inputs
  • Scanner option to provide input for thermocouple as well as Pt100 sensors
  • Statistical analysis
  • The ability to reduce the measuring current by half power to check the self-heating ability of the probes
  • Two interface options
  • Versatility, Flexibility and Accuracy with unparalleled cost efficiency

Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermocouple, PRT thermometer 3000

3000 Series
F100 H&held Precision Thermometer

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4500 series thermometer

4500 Thermometer
Isotech micro K thermometer

Micro K Thermometer
F200 Series Precision Thermometers

F250 Precision Thermometer

Tecal Accu-Temp RTD Thermometer

Economical Type K H&-held Thermocouple Thermometer

Type K Thermometer

Thermometry Bridges

Contact Electri-Temp. CorporationOver the years, Electri-Temp has made it a priority to ensure that we continually offer our customers the best resistance standards available. Electri-Temp is the one stop solution for resistance measuring equipment; just like every one of our other product lines our goal is to provide our customers with accurate and dependable thermometry bridges and resistance thermometers. We look forward to providing our customers with thermometry bridges and resistance thermometers engineered specifically for reliable and accurate resistance thermometry, as well as the service to ensure that customers look to us in the future.

You can’t go wrong with thermometry bridges provided by Electri-Temp. Our thermometry bridges offer not only precision data and precision calibration but incredible value. It doesn’t matter if the thermometry bridge will be used for high accuracy thermometer calibration or research—they can be relied on. Thermometry bridges provided to customers by Electri-Temp are a solution that can be trusted to consistently deliver accuracy, precision and functionality. Our products give you the peace of mind of not having to second guess your equipment or its accuracy.

Features of our thermometry bridges are varied to suit a wide range of applications. For instance, we offer models capable of 2, 3, and 4 wire connection that are constructed with high quality switches and high accuracy wire wound resistance elements. The careful attention to detail paid by our manufacturing partners such as Cropico Ltd is clear in products such as our thermometry bridges and resistance thermometers. The precision of our resistance bridges offers an example of what you get when you combine experience and a relentless dedication to quality.

Customers have access to extremely high accuracy and resolution at competitive price. In addition, our thermometry bridges and resistance thermometers are complete with a variety of value-added features to help ensure consistent and precise measurements. Our resistance bridges feature:
  • Calibrated to IEC 751, DIN 43760 and BS1904
  • Calibration Traceable to International Standards
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use
  • High accuracy at demanding temperatures
  • High Accuracy Wire-Wound Resistance Elements
  • High Calibration Accuracy
  • High Quality Switching
  • Multiple Models available
  • Precision, accuracy, and economy
  • Rugged Construction
  • Statistical Analysis
  • …and more

Thermometry Bridges

Thermometry Bridges, F600 Secondary standards Bridge

Thermometry Bridges, F700 Secondary standards Bridge

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