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Decade Boxes

In order to offer our customers the best selection of testing instruments we are proud to offer accurate and dependable decade boxes. Decade boxes purchased through Electri-Temp are manufactured by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies in the industry who are well aware of what customers require in their decade boxes. The refined experience of our manufacturing partners ensures that decade boxes are manufactured with the applications and specifications of the customer in mind. Combined with competitive pricing, the functionality, features and capabilities of our decade boxes can’t be beat. Our decade boxes provide customers with the quality that comes with industry know-how and the accuracy made possible with cutting edge technology.

Contact Electri-Temp. CorporationWe offer a versatile selection of durable decade boxes measuring in a wide variety of decades with very high levels of accuracy. Our decade boxes are suitable for a variety of applications including use in the field, laboratory, and as automated test equipment. Our line of decade boxes is geared to suit the differing needs of our customers and includes models that are engineered for low cost and high precision as well as decade boxes that are manufactured specifically for applications requiring extremely high accuracy in settings such as electrical laboratories.

All of our decade boxes are constructed with high quality components with specific models designed expressly for durability and arduous use in the field. In addition, all of our decade boxes are serviceable and can be repaired by our manufacturing partners to ensure long lasting decade boxes.

Our line of decade boxes includes models with features and capabilities such as:
  • Available residual capacitance compensation
  • Available residual resistances: 1 ohm, 70 milliohm, 80 milliohm
  • Decade boxes available with 1,3,6 and 9 decades
  • 5, 6 and 8 decades
  • Error tolerances as low as 0.01 %
  • Fully-serviceable decade boxes
  • Gold-plated Switch Contacts and Solid Copper Input Terminals
  • High dissipation models
  • Light weight models
  • Long term stability ± 20ppm/year
  • Low-cost models
  • Up to 5kV max voltage
  • Models with 1% accuracy
  • Models with 5 watts per coil
  • Models with 5% accuracy
  • Most models suitable for Pt100 Simulation
  • Negligible Thermal e.m.f.s
Decade Resistance Boxes 005

Decade Resistance Boxes 005
Precision ‘OO’ Series 0.01%
RBB Resistance Decade 0.05

RBB Resistance Decade 0.05
High Accuracy RBB Series 0.05%
RBC High Dissipation Resistance Decade

High Dissipation RBC Series
RM6 Resistance Decade

Low-cost, RM6 1% Accuracy
RM8 Resistance Decade

Wide-range RM8 Series 0.1%
RM6N Resistance Decade

Cost-saving RM6N Series 1%
1422 IEC Resistance Decade

Computer-Controlled Series 1422
RH9A High Resistance High Voltage

High Resistance
High Voltage RH9 Series
Contact Electri-Temp. Corporation

1422 IEC Resistance Decade

Computer-Controlled High-Precision Resistance Decade
Model 1422 IEC, 1423 IEC, 1424 IEC, 1422 RS232, 1423 RS232, 1424 RS232

Highest precision, temperature and long-term consistency are characteristic features of the described high-precision resistance decade. Many years of experience, tried-and-tested technology and the use of field-proven materials guarantee the high level of precision.

The decade resistors consist of low-capacity and low-inductance wire wound of Zeranin. The low temperature coefficient of this material, the low error tolerance of the resistors and the long-term stability achieved through careful artificial ageing are the guarantee for reliable conformity with the technical specifications for this decade resistor.

A specially developed precision stepping switch with high-quality contact materials and optimal brush construction guarantee very good reproducibility. The contacts are self-cleaning and virtually free of thermoelectric power. All 6 decade resistor stages are contained in an attractive 19" casing . The casing acts as screen against electrostatic interference. It is conductively connected to the earth socket on the front panel. Electrical connection of the decade resistor to the screen is possible with a connecting link.

The two sub-decades R D1 and R D2 are arranged so that they can be operated independently. An insulated plug-in link joins the two sub-decades together to form a six decade resistor.

This makes the decade resistors suitable for universal applications. Very low zero-sequence resistance has been achieved by circuit optimization. This very low zero-sequence resistance is divided again if only one decade section is being used.

A prime feature of the high-precision resistance decades is the design, fulfilling a host of functions. Meeting a whole range of requirements in practice they are used as.

Computer Control
Each of the 3 versions - type 1422, 1423 or 1424 - is also available with computer control. IEEE488 and RS232 interfaces are available. The RS232 version is easily extended to RS485 or RS422. The stepping motors used do not alter the known high long-term stability and reproducibility of the decades with computer control either.

Key Features
• 6-stage high-precision resistance decade
• 2 x 3-stage high-precision resistance decade
• 2 variable normal resistors
• Scalers with random-setting divider ratio
• Ranges from 10 x 0,01Ohm to 10 x 100,000 Ohm
• Error tolerance 0,01 %
• Resistor material: ZERANIN®
• Temperature coefficient < =2 ppm/K
• Long-term stability < 0,01 % over years

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