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ABI Test and Measurement Solutions


Company Overview

Fault Diagnosis

ABI Electronics Ltd are a leading manufacturer of cost-effective, full-circuit electronic testing and diagnostics solutions. The company is widely acknowledged as a sector leader in the supply and development of innovative technologies that serve R&D, production, maintenance Contact Electri-Temp. Corporationand repair, education, military and general electronics engineering sectors worldwide. ABI, with premises in the UK, took its place in history by introducing the first functional IC tester for analogue devices. Since then, the pioneering principles led us to design a unique and versatile range of integrated systems in response to a highly diversified market. With a professional attitude and a high level of project management, ABI is able to provide customised solutions to end users with a quick turnaround. High quality, reliable and now flexible products allow customers to maximise their return on investment - fast.

“With customers ranging from a manufacturer of flight simulators to an aluminium company, from an IC manufacturer to technical colleges, our products offer a wide variety of solutions to meet our customers' specific applications. We are therefore proud of our reputation for product excellence, continuous improvement and outstanding customer satisfaction. ”
Nigel Bentley Managing Director

"I wonder if it still works ?" : How ABI started !

ABI Electronics started when, in the early 1980's, Ian Fletcher accidentally stepped on an IC that fell on the floor. As he picked up the chip, Ian asked himself "I wonder if it still works ?". Ian Fletcher is still a key part of the design team today.

Design, Prototype and Manufacture At ABI

All aspects of electronics manufacturing are managed on site by our very own team of experienced engineers and technicians. Research & development, prototyping, as well as full board assembly and 100% final test procedures, are in place to guarantee that each system performs to the specifications and exceeds the required standards of quality. ABI Electronics Ltd is ISO9001 Certified

ABI Sentry

ABI Counterfeit IC DetectorThe ABI SENTRY is a unique solution for the quick and easy detection of counterfeit ICs and components.

Through a complex PinPrint test algorithm, SENTRY is able to identify components that have a different internal structure, or no structure at all, and even components originating from a different manufacturer.

SENTRY is your very own electronic sentry, guarding the entrance to your production facility from the infiltration of counterfeit devices.

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